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The Dark Heaven Network

The Dark Heaven (About Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles and movies) - under heavy-revamp
The Vampire Coven (The fanlisting of Anne Rice's Vampires and other resources for fans)
The Vampire Coven Banner Exchange (The Banner Exchange of Websites about Anne Rice)
The Vampire Coven Online Resource Centre (Online library of fanarts, wallpapers, avatars and other art creations for Anne Rice related publications)

The RanmaJen.Net Network

My Personal Page (in Traditional Chinese)
My Blog (in Traditional Chinese)
My Online Gallery (mainly in Traditional Chinese)
Hayao Miyazaki - Laputa Fanlisting - The Castle in the Sky (in Traditional Chinese and English)
Rumiko Takahashi - Ryoga Hibiki Fanlisting (Ranma1/2) (in English)
Mitsuru Adachi - Touch Fanlisting (in Traditional Chinese and English)
Shunji Iwai - Love Letter Fanlisting (in English)